A love letter to note cards

It's Wednesday!  And that means I'm talking about what I've learned.

I learned a lot in college.  One of the things I took away from my three years though had little to do with a particular course. And that was:

Note cards are a dreamer's best friend.

Early on in my college career, one of our professors mentioned how he makes to-do lists on note cards and mentioned how satisfying the feeling of crossing off a task was.  Being the impressionable college kid that I was, I decided to adapt this seemingly mundane routine in hopes it would make me an organized student who got As.  Some As came, others didn't, but the organization stuck.

Now, my list of goals - big and small - reside on note cards.  Currently, I have about five note cards (with big goals) lining my mirror in my bedroom.  That's a weird place to tape note cards you might say.  And I'd reply You are correct.  But when craving an over-priced pastry the savings goal staring back at me is my motivation to stay the course.  

I highly recommend heading to your local Staples and picking up a pack of these babies.  Come home, put on some Jessie J and get motivated.

Because I'm pretty convinced the road to success is paved with note cards and Ticonderaga pencils.


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