Building a nursery

Currently our little baby girl resides in a room that is half office, half nursery.  And by nursery I mean a pack 'n play and a basket of stuffed animals.

Ella didn't have a room that was home when she was first born, because we moved a short 7 weeks after she was born.  And when we moved, well, we couldn't afford a crib.

We're finally getting to the place of being able to put together a sweet nursery for our sweet girl!  It will still be home to Tim's desk and computer, so we'll be limited on space, but I don't plan on that getting in the way of the cute factor. 

Here's some inspiration and what I'm going for:

(Hope you enjoy!)

DaVinci Emily Mini Crib 
I think white cribs are gorgeous.  You can make a small space look chic and put together with a simple white crib.  We picked out this one from Target.  It's a mini-crib as we don't have room for anything bigger.

Tumblr inspiration
If you know me, you know I've obsessed with twinkly lights.  Around Valentine's Day last year, I bought some pink twinkly lights to put in the room that would eventually become Ella's nursery. Depending on how the room comes together, I may save the pink ones for Valentine's decor and opt for the classic white lights.  We'll see.

the boo and the boy 

I like the simplicity of this bedding.  The bedding will most likely be a combination of color and creams.  This picture captured that balance perfectly.

Project Nursery 
Sad to say, Ella's wardrobe is outgrowing the top drawer of my dresser.  So it's time to get her one of her own.  I love this look.  For the dresser, we'll check out a couple thrift stores and consignment shops.  It seems you find all the most unique styles in those places.  But I'm keeping my eye out for a sweetly detailed piece that gives off the rustic, chic vibe that this dresser gives off.  The dresser will act as a changing table, too.


The decor on the wall will be some sort of collage consisting of a Mother Teresa quote, the crosses Ella received as baptismal gifts, an ultrasound picture, a pregnant me, and whatever else that will make the room feel complete.

Working with a small space?  I'd love to hear your tips on how you make the most out of your space.


  1. Ooo!! It's going to look wonderful!! I love white cribs, and I've never heard of a mini-crib! Can't wait to see it all pulled together! :-)


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