End of the week

This week was one of those weeks that simultaneously dragged on and moved at lightning speed.  It felt like a lot happened and nothing happened.  You must be able to tell by these short two sentences that I'm excited it's Friday and the weekend is upon us.  This weekend will consist of going to the chiropractor, catching up on The Walking Dead, watching an episode of Last Man Standing (or 2), and shopping for boots and coats (in preparation or the crisp Washington air!).

To be honest, all I want to do is have a 72 hour sleeping marathon, but that's not very real-life like so I'm off to pay bills and be an adult.  Though with this way-too-good cappuccino by my side, I feel like I'll be singing my way off to pay our student loans.  (No, my coffee isn't spiked, it's just that good.)

Happy Friday.  Have a great weekend.  Maybe I'll make more sense on Monday.

(P.S. 13 days until Thanksgiving!)


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