Loving your postpartum body

Some fitting room shenanigans.
I'm almost seven months postpartum.  And I'm still ten pounds away from my pre-baby weight.  Truth be told, the number doesn't bother me.  I try to live a healthy lifestyle, and how I feel on a daily basis mostly reflects my efforts.  But I haven't gotten used to shopping for and dressing my new shape.

Even if and when I get back down to my pre-baby size, I'm unconvinced my old pant selection would fit me.  I'm fuller in some places and smaller in others, so I have few things in my wardrobe that fit me well.  Over the weekend, I was out looking for a couple fall pieces to take on our upcoming vacation to Washington.  On my list?  Boots, black pants, leggings, maybe a coat.

I wasn't having any luck.  Styles that would have flattered my figure a year and a half ago no longer do so.  We all know that feeling after making multiple trips to the fitting room and looking at one too many pairs of ill-fitting skinny jeans.  So I gave up.

And I went and bought a lipstick.

I put everything back (except for a $6.99 pair of fleece-lined leggings.  I mean, come on) and went on a hunt, for a bright, look-at-me, berry lipstick.

We're all told to love our postpartum bodies.  And I do.  I appreciate having shape, which I greatly lacked before having a baby.  But we all experience those fitting room blues when we're struggling to find a flattering pair of jeans or a jacket.

That's okay.  If you're finding that your self-esteem tank is running on "E", go buy a red or more specifically "cherries in the snow" lipstick.  It'll give you that boost of self-confidence and fuel you up for your next shopping outing.


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