Those mornings

We all have those days when we are just dragging.  We can't seem to get moving no matter how many times we visit the Keurig.

These 3 things get me moving every time.  No matter what.

1)  Make the bed.  I don't know if everyone feels this way.  I might be embarrassed if I'm the only one...but making the bed is one of those things.  You know, those things.  The things that take no time, aren't a big deal, but we seem to ignore anyway.  Making the bed takes no time and always makes me feel like an adult who pays bills and votes and stuff.

2)  Clean something.  The counter, the sink, your desk.  During your morning routine, you may not have time to clean the entire kitchen, but cleaning up or organizing something that needs tending to will give you some extra productivity fuel.

3) Dance.  When all else fails just stop and bust a move.  Today, I had a particularly slow morning.  The type of morning where you remember you're out of eggs, your baby wakes up earlier than usual, and you have more than one cup of coffee.  Ella was fussy waiting for her bottle, so I turned on some music and started dancing with her.  She started laughing, so I started laughing and the morning blues melted away.

Happy Friday.  Have a great weekend.

Maybe dance a little.


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