You know those weeks where you take more Instagram pictures than usual?  This past week was one of those weeks.  So here are my highlights - Instastyle.

God is good.
Our we're-so-happy-it's-below-70 degrees selfie.
The weather.  Between the cool temperatures and rainfall, it feels like Fall is finally here.  The gorgeous October sunsets have just been an awesome added bonus.

Sir Guy Buxley.
Halloween.  Writing about my past Halloweens really got me missing my dear friends back home, but this Halloween was a simply sweet one.  It was full of lady bug love, pumpkin carving, and grilled cheese with a side of tomato soup.  We didn't have any trick or treaters.  Oh, wait.  We did have one.  At 9 o'clock a man with the creepiest mask rang our doorbell.  In retrospect, I'm not sure why we even answered as he did not say "trick or treat."  Tim asked him if he was trick or treating, the guy took an unusually long time to say yes, grabbed a piece of candy, and left.

New reading material.  On Wednesday, Tim and I were going to go on a little impromptu evening coffee date, but I wasn't feeling well so I decided to stay in.  Tim ran out to pick up a couple things and came back with Amy Poehler's new book.  This was quite possibly the best thing ever.  Turns out the cure to a horrid headache is sweet surprises from your husband.

Homemade hot chocolate.  With the cooler weather came cravings for apple cider doughnuts, hot chocolate and warm apple cider.  Late Saturday, Tim ventured into the kitchen and came out with what was the best hot chocolate I've ever had.  I'm happy we discovered this homemade recipe just in time for the holidays!  

Shopping for Ella (*see outfit below).  So much plaid, little tennies, and fleece hats with ears.  I mean, how much better does it get?

Yes, that is crêpe in my teeth. #reallife
Brunch.  Brunch is always a highlight.  Does anyone else get overly excited about going out for brunch?  A crêpe and coffee makes this mama one happy camper.

And then there was Monday.  The first Monday in November.  I have high hopes for these next seven days.  But with entering the socially acceptable window for Christmas music what can go wrong?

Have a great Monday. 


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