An AM dish

Having a baby who likes to rise before the sun, I tend to prefer breakfasts that take little prep. Granola, greek yogurt, and berries is usually a convenient go-to.  But lately, I've been all about this morning dish.  It takes more time than throwing some yogurt in a bowl but the extra few minutes are well worth it.

It's easy.  Here's what I do:

1)  Fry an egg for a couple minutes.  For this recipe, I like the egg over-medium.
2)  Toast some bread.  (I use Udi's, gluten-free whole grain bread.)
3)  Spread some honey and goat cheese on said toast.
4)  Smash some avocado on said toast.
5)  Top off with fried egg.  Add some salt and pepper.

I sometimes have a side of bacon with it, but it's perfect on its own.


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