The audiobook

I used to not like audiobooks, because I used to be quite the purist when it came to reading.  I liked real books (and magazines) with lovely-smelling pages and hardcover prints.  (Not to mention the little dose of satisfaction that came with the flip of every page.)

I wish I could say I'm the type to unwind with a nice book and glass of wine in the evening, but I'm not.  I unwind with a good TV show.

With these habits, though, I noticed I began to read a lot less.  And I didn't like it.

Enter Audible. 

I toyed with the idea if the money was worth having the app.  And in all honesty, I'm still discerning that.  But I found a coupon code on for 60% off the subscription price for the first three months.  I decided to test it out for a whopping $5.95 and got Amy Poehler's Yes Please* (for free with the subscription).  It took me a week to get through the seven hour read.  I played it while doing things around the house and while in the car and getting ready in the morning.  Before long I found myself looking for my next read.  (Oprah's What I Know For Sure, if you're curious.)

I'll probably keep my subscription even when the RetailMeNot discount is no longer valid.  In my opinion, any app that can get me through a book in a week is some money well spent.  Also, anything that helps me to enjoy cleaning is practically a miracle worker.  So thanks, Amy for accompanying me as I steamed my floors.

*Amy's book feels like it was meant to be an audiobook.  The rhythm of the read, her narration, and her special guests made it especially worth listening to.


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