A weekend of dancing

This weekend was like most.  Tim worked on Saturday, we chilled, we brunched, and we worshiped.

But this weekend we did something that we need to do more often - we danced.  We didn't go out dancing or anything.  Tim and Ella had a mini dance party at brunch and we had an impromptu family dance party on Sunday evening.  Small dance parties sound insignificant, but they are anything but.  Coincidentally, I had just finished Amy Poehler's Yes Please the day prior where she insisted dance parties are a near necessity of life.  They help us refocus, relax, and "if you can dance freely without feeling embarrassed, you can basically do anything."

Our impromptu family dance party was probably one of my favorite moments we've shared as a family. Ella sat there on her Fisher Price xylophone providing the tunes, and Tim and I danced our little hearts out screaming Encore!  

Here's to dancing through the week.
Have a great Monday.


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