Green tea is good for the soul (and your body).

An accurate representation of this week.

Appetizers for one.

 A make-up-free mom with unwashed hair, her favorite mug, and a shot of caffeine.  (Some weeks are more glamorous than others.)
I think it's officially safe to say that we've had our first, true week of family chaos.

Tim was barely home this week.  Between 10:30PM calls into work and arriving home at 3:00AM, we missed him a lot this past week.  He's been spreading himself thin between the demands of his second job and what launch week entails.  It was during this week that I was constantly reminded I married a hardworking, driven, dedicated man.

That being said, I've never been happier to welcome back Friday into my life.  This week was a week where my five minute chiropractic adjustment was a mini-vacation, and I actually contemplated having Hershey Kisses for dinner.  So needless to say, I'm elated for this weekend.  From the outside looking in, it will be nothing special.  Maybe brunch, maybe some shopping, probably some cleaning.

But from my view, it will be perfect.

Have a great weekend.


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