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When I was in college, I started a style blog as a class project.  The lukewarm blogger I was at the time, I didn't keep up with it.  From time to time, I regret not keeping the project going.  But I learned a lot about my personal style and ultimately found my style through documenting my outfits.

What's my style?

A little manly.

I think a little bit of my short run as a middle school tomboy has stuck with me.  Because in this picture I'm wearing an old pair of my husband's jeans.  A few months postpartum, a lot of my pants didn't fit me, and I was particularly feeling the "boyfriend" look at that time in my life.  And why pay 50 bucks for a pair of "boyfriend" jeans when you can just buy man pants?  I've also been known to shop in the men's section.  (Calm down, I love womanhood and all that.)  I just can't deny some good oversized man flannel.

Excuse my baby's fingerprints.

A little lazy.

"Simple" might be a more flattering word choice.

But when I get dressed in the morning, I like to be comfortable.  So you'll rarely see me in a skirt. Because I find them horribly uncomfortable.  I'm too paranoid in skirts.  Can I pick up that pen I just dropped?  Will the wind be out to get me?  And I've never really found the perfect skirt that flatters my figure (although I love a good pencil skirt).  I was the person who loved the gauchos in middle school.  They were comfortable.  I love huge, wide-legged flare pants.  I like jumpsuits.  I like turtlenecks. Because I think it takes little work to look chic and put together in a good jumpsuit or a good pair of flares.  Or in an oversized scarf (see above) or in a pair of leopard flats (also see above).

A little random.

My closet is full of hand-me-downs from grandmas and friends.  This sweater is from a friend.  It's a little big, so I went with the oversized-sweater, statement necklace, and tight pants vibe with this outfit.  I try to take pieces that may not totally suit me on their own and make it a part of an outfit that works well with my figure and style.

Full of black and white.

I try to add color into my wardrobe, but every time I'm out shopping I flock to the black and white. So much so that I told my husband last time I went shopping to not let me buy anything black or white.  He wasn't successful.  I bought that moto jacket and turtleneck in the picture above.  You just can't go wrong with black and white.  It's classic.  It's timeless.  But one of my goals for 2015 is to continue to look for the perfect fuchsia top.  (It's been a long hunt.)  Step aside, marsala.

And of course, a little feminine.

When trying to find a picture that shows the feminine side of my style, I kept going back to my wedding dress.  Which may be strange.   But I went with it.   When looking for my dress, I had no idea what style I wanted.  All I knew is I wanted it to be a little unconventional, simple and with a hint of detail.  And that's probably how I would describe the feminine aspect of my style.

YEAH YOU DO. (Picture found here.)

Style spirit animal*

I have quite a few style icons.  Nicole Richie, Kate Hudson, Blake Lively, being a few.  About 9 years ago I would have said my style spirit animal was Serena Vanderwoodsen.  Because. Obviously. But today.  The title goes to Claire Underwood from House of Cards.  Without question.  This woman's wardrobe is flawless (unlike her character...).  And every time I watch the show, I find myself just as into what she's wearing as I am the plot line.  (Yes, I watched the Golden Globes this weekend partially for the clothing.)

I've been wanting to get back into doing some style posts.  So here's what I hope to be the first of many!

*I don't know if this even makes sense.  But in my mind it's someone whose wardrobe you'd love to have.


  1. I question your "spirit animal." Haha, but what do I know?! I dress like a teacher! Every other teacher (excluding the special ed department) comes into work looking so dapper, and then there's special ed...... :/ We like our comfort. I feel you!

    1. Never question the spirit animal... :P Comfort is key!

  2. Do you follow the blog Harper and Harley? Sara Donaldson, the blogger, is so freakin cute. She sticks to the most basic color palette and I esp. love that she has curves and is not super thin. And she lives is Australia! What's not to love. You should check it out!

    1. Oh I'll have to check her out! I've never come across her blog, but I love anyone who sticks to the basics. I also love Australians. :)

  3. My new go to work outfit --- a classic french blue or white blouse, a simple and well fitted pencil skirt, and kitten heels that are comfortable. If they aren't comfy, they don't come home with me.

    It was pretty funny (well, for me anyway) -- All my life I used to be in envy of the women in the office who would show up perfectly pressed and gorgeous at an 8am meeting, and then walk out the door at the end of the day just as crisp. HOW DO THEY DO THAT??!!! I would painstakingly iron my blouses to make them perfect, and I still looked like a wrung our rag by noon. :-(

    Then I found . I bought some really beautiful and expensive blouses (basic button down classic) for very little money. It was a crazy AH HA! moment!!! So THAT'S how they do it!! They wear VERY expensive blouses that stay perfect!! LOL!!! It was true watershed.

    So - Short story is - buy the best quality you can afford (without paying full price --- never pay full price) - it makes so much difference.

    I loved your fashion blog!! Hope to see more! :-)

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