New schedules

Why not post a baby picture?
Welp.  I missed my Friday post.  Since this blog is a passion project, I try to write every day.  And post on weekdays.  But this week was a bit chaotic.  So I missed my Friday post.  And since I'm really trying to avoid the I've been too busy to blog lately I thought I'd post today.  Saturday.

So more on that chaotic week.  This week was the first week for a new schedule in our family.  My husband is working a few extra hours a week, which means a couple 13 hour days a week for him, work on Saturday, and one tired mama.  Aside from a new schedule, the game my husband has been working on in recent months is launching next Thursday.  So that also means a little more chaos and a few more hours put in over the weekend.  But it's good.  These are all exciting things happening. This will be the first credit my husband has on a released game.  And for this I'm incredibly proud of him.  I can honestly say he's worked tirelessly, and he deserves every bit of the path he's on.  #shamelesshusbandplug?

I'm glad I'm writing this post.  Simply for myself.  Because it's incredibly easy after a long, long day to get caught up in allll the little things.  The skipped naps, the cries of teething, the fourth round of dirty dishes.

The missed blog post.

But those things are temporary.  I can go to sleep at the end of the day and wake up the next with a clean slate.  The hard work?  That's every bit worth it.

One day in the future (hopefully on vacation) we'll look back on this time in our lives and think, what a freaking challenge.  But what a blessed time.


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