Monday, monday

Deep in conversation.

A baby in a highchair with some puppies on her shirt.

Bawler baby.

Football-watching party.

We're a smile big sort of family.

And a selfie.  'Cause why not?  Couple reasons.  One: I bought a shirt that wasn't black or white.  And two: I was having a good hair day.
We went out a lot this weekend.  After last week, all we wanted to do is simultaneously go out on the town and veg on the couch.  We made time for both.  We went shopping, and Tim got a few new shirts.  I made history and bought a skirt.  And we went out for probably one too many meals.

We also, of course, watched the Packers vs. Seahawks game which was only made entertaining by the close score and the Seahawks on point uniforms.  I'm not a football girl.  Hockey is my jam.  But I married into a Packers-loving family, so I sat next to Tim for moral support (and jokingly told him if I were single I'd be a Seahawks fan).

We closed out Sunday with The Newsroom.  We're about half way through that binge-watching party.

No spoilers, please.

Today we're enjoying the last bit of this long holiday weekend, getting ready for the week ahead, and praying to the Dear Lord this week is a little less chaotic than the last. 


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