Some beauty products

Over the holidays I picked up and received some fun beauty products.  So I thought I'd share what I've been loving.
I've been wanting to try a charcoal mask for a good, long while.  But I just couldn't come to spend the money on the brands I wanted to test out.  So when I received some Origins samples from my best friend for Christmas I was so excited.  This mask didn't disappoint.  It's a deep cleansing mask that leaves the face feeling fresh and smooth.  I haven't checked out the price of the full size, but I wouldn't mind adding this baby to my facial mask collection.  (A little of this stuff goes a long way, so the sample size should last me quite a while.  Thanks, Beth!)

Full size.
Another Origins product.  I had heard some good things about the GinZing line but wasn't planning on purchasing a new moisturizer or cleanser as I'm pretty satisfied with what I'm currently using.  (I also wasn't sure how I felt about the smell of oranges on my face.)  I've been using this as my morning moisturizer for about a week, and I've been really liking it.  The biggest thing is it's light but really moisturizing and the smell of oranges is highly refreshing and a nice, little morning boost.

The Body Shop // Brazil Nut Perfume.

I'm surprised by how much I love this scent.  While Black Friday shopping in Washington, I was on the hunt for a couple presents and I was caught by the Body Shop's Black Friday sale.  I was perusing all the scents but came back to his one.  It's rich, warm, and a little nutty.  I love a good floral scent, but there is something about this not smelling super girly that I love.

Revlon Balm Stain // Crush Beguin 

I wanted to wear a pop of color on my lips for a Christmas party we were attending.  I originally wanted to go with a lipstick but we were going to be eating dinner at this party and I didn't want to risk looking like a clown by the end of the night.  So, I went for a Revlon BalmStain.  I have a couple of these and I've loved them in the past.  Moisturizing, pigmented, and easy to eat and drink with it on.


  1. I've had a sample of the Brazil Nut in body butter before when my step sister used to sell Body Shop - it is super yummy are warm. I'm sure a body scent is just as nice!

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