Our 4th of July weekend

Over the 4th of July weekend, my best friend came out from Michigan for a visit.  She came out last Summer, too, but I was pregnant and my energy was low, the temperatures were high and record-breaking, so we did a few fun Portland-tourist things.  But this year we reached for a fuller itinerary.  I think we succeeded!  Here's our staycay, Katie's visit, and our 4th of July weekend through pictures: 

Waiting for her arrival!  You know it's a special day when A gets in his suspenders.

She's here!  Let's go!

Night 1 was a night spent with the cousins.  With the move less than 2 weeks away, we've been wanting to get some cousin time in for Ella.  We swam, ate Mexican, indulged in ice cream, and watched the kiddos run around.  Family time well spent.

The first full day was all about hanging out, catching up, the kids getting (re)acquainted with Katie.  We got some ingredients for a homemade pizza night, and then Tim and I were off for an anniversary date night (pictures coming soon!) while Katie hung out with the kids.  (Thank you, Katie!)

Day 2 was beach day!  We hit the road for a mini-road trip and 2 hours later arrived at a beach we hadn't been to before - Cannon Beach.  It was beautiful!  Definitely made the top 3 favorite list.  It was relaxing, warm, and not crowded - the recipe for a perfect beach day.

Ella couldn't have loved the water more.  The freezing temp did not stop her, but it certainly stopped us.  She had to convince one of us to keep taking her back in.

Photo op!

Katie & A photo op!

Picture for my future vacation home dream board.

Excited to have got some sun, feeling awkward about my pose, but ready to eat!

After dinner at Cannon Beach, we headed over to Seaside, another cutesy beach town.  Stopping in at what holds the world's best ice cream - Zingers - was a must before we move.  My last taste of the best Black Cherry for a while!

Sunset at Seaside.

Day 3 was all about lady time and dinner in Portland.  We went and got manis and pedis, and it was the best.  While out, picking our colors of choice, debating if we should get gel or not, I was reminded of how important girl time is.  (Real important.)  (Thanks, hubby for watching the kids!)

"Downtown dinners are made better by extra bright pink tutus, don't ya think, Katie?"

My smile is saying "God bless the person who decided it was a good idea to include a dairy-free milkshake on the menu."  Katie's smile is saying, "Yay, dairy."

Day 4 was the day of exploration.  Multnomah Falls and a place called the Vista House hold some pretty magnificent views, so we decided to take Katie and soak up the scenery.  (But what doesn't hold a magnificent view in the Pacific Northwest?)

Clouds and mountains and greenery and water.  Have we entered a Bob Ross painting?  (Hi, Little Tree Friends!)


My 7-month-old is too cool to smile for a picture in front of the mountains, but we had no shame.  "CHEESE."

"It's cold, Daddy."

Day 5, Katie's final full day with us, was the 4th of July.  Inconveniently, my toddler was in a very toddler mood, so getting her to take a good nap held top priority.  Conveniently, she fell asleep for some hours and the day ended on a high note.

Nothing says freedom like bacon cheeseburgers and Doritos.  The 4th of July is the only day of the year I allow myself to eat Cool Ranch Doritos, so I was in Food Party Heaven.  'Til next time!

Our faces say "YAY. FIREWORKS."  We're thinking, "Pass the hand warmers."

It's almost time!

And with a few beautiful explosions in the sky, our staycay and Katie's visit came to an end.  The fireworks show delivered.  As each firework shot in the sky, Ella threw her arm out, finer pointed, pretending she was lighting them off.  (We're hoping for Hogwarts.)  But, after a while she began yelling "STOP" and things took a sudden turn.  This weekend was one of our last weekends in Washington, and it was a good one.  Thanks for spending it with us, Katie!

Katie's last visit can be found here, our first trip to Seaside can be found here, and our first 4th of July weekend in WA can be found here.


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