Celebrating 3 years

These crazy kids went on an anniversary date night.  When my best friend offered to watch the kids so Tim and I could go celebrate our "I do", it was a little bit like Christmas and a birthday combined. Vocalizing all my bottled up date night energy, I told Tim, "Let's find a bar!"  Instead, we opted for our favorite Italian restaurant for a coffee and dessert, which made much more sense for these coffee lovers, anyway.  (Save the bar crawl for like, the 6 year anniversary, Tim?)

After dinner, we headed to Rocky Butte, a park with -- you guessed it -- quite a view.  It was here that we attempted a cute 3 year anniversary selfie to which we failed and ended up with this:

and talked about the last few years - isn't it crazy we have 2 kids and all that, isn't it weird that we don't have a car payment anymore? - and what our last days in Washington will look like, what will the first days in Michigan bring?

I tried to look cute.  I put on wedges and lipstick, but I didn't care what I was in.  I didn't care if Tim wore a button up.  It was us on a hill, spoiled by the generous skyline, with a coffee in each of our hands.  And that's where we started 6 years ago -- just us, a San Diego skyline, and a coffee in each of our hands because a boy offered to buy Starbucks for a girl.  (Spoiler: the girl said yes.)


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