Packing up and moving out

I started packing a couple weeks ago.  Knowing Tim's last day at work was the Friday before the Sunday that we leave, I wanted to get as much done as I could during my days at home.  So, slowly, over the course of the past 14 days or so, I've been taking down and packing up our life as we've known it here in Washington.  At first, I was worried how Ella would process and handle these progressively increasing changes.  Her play corner that holds her toys, books, and table was one of the last things that went into boxes.  As the corner in our apartment filled with more boxes and the apartment continued to empty, she adjusted seamlessly.  She's helped me tape up boxes, pack up her toys, and clean the apartment.  Yeah, she's still a 2-year-old, I've had to unpack a few lone items in boxes that weren't supposed to be there, but all in all, she's left us in awe.

I plan to write about the move when we arrive in Michigan, I plan to do a post on what I bought for Ella, how I prepped the kids for 3-4 days in a car, and I plan to vlog along the way.  But this post? This post is nothing more than a post to say how proud of Ella we are.  This move has been the hardest yet.  Leaving Washington is bittersweet, and as we enter our last couple days here it's felt more bitter than sweet.  We're leaving family, we're leaving a state we love.  Ella's made it a little easier on us, and for that we're grateful.

So, sweet girl, if you read this when you're 16 or 26 or 32.  Know that you were once a dancing 2-year-old who was really grown up about and helpful with our ambitious move across the country. And we couldn't have been more proud of you.

We'll see you in Michigan.


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