From the weekend

Monday means highlights.  Insta-style.

Shopping.  Decorating.  Baking.  A weekend spent with the family gearing up for Christmas.

Does it get any better?

On Saturday, we braved the crowds and headed to the mall.  I basically wanted to take a picture in front of a huge Christmas tree.  But after a couple trips to the fitting room and one too many jam-packed elevators, I quickly thought maybe next time...   The Christmas tree display was also unexpectedly filled with families taking selfies.  As for this picture, this is me in Forever21.  From this picture, you wouldn't think I went in thinking I was going to add more color into my wardrobe as most of what I currently own is black and white.  I loved this piece, but I thought about what I needed most and what I'd get the most wear out of, so I opted for that black and tan striped turtleneck to the right because a) you can't go wrong with a good turtleneck and b) it's only partially black...I also got a black moto jacket that I'm in love with.

Saturday night we finally decorated our tree.  Tim picked out the color scheme this year, which was so much fun.  Since we're newlyweds and have yet to build an extensive ornament collection, we bought a box set from none other than Target.

The finished product and the Nativity scene.

Sunday was family day.  We went to the park and Ella got her first taste of the swings.  Tim captured this moment of Ella and me.  It's one of my favorite pictures of us.

A very 90s Christmas!
A glimpse of the baking I did this weekend. 

Another chill weekend, yes.  Another great weekend?  You bet.

Happy Monday!


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