Dancin' in the rain

I'm not sure if it's the sudden burst of rain (which I should be happy about), or the fact that all three of us are sick, or the recent 30 hours spent in the car, but I've been feeling pretty run down the past few days.  And you know when you start feeling run down, everything else is wrong?  You all of a sudden have nothing to wear, nothing sounds good to eat, and the untidiness in the living room starts to "drive you nuts?"

Yeah.  I'm at that point.  So for today's Wednesday post I'm here to remind myself and share with you that there are some days that come our way that we wish went differently - for big reasons or a lot of small ones.  We wish we weren't sick, we wish we had already unpacked our suitcases, we wish it didn't decide to rain on the one day you have to run out to the apartment complex's laundry facility.

That's okay.  It's on these days that we grab our rain boots and umbrellas and learn how to dance in the rain.


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