A Throwback Christmas

In the spirit of Throwback Thursday and getting ready for Christmas, I thought I'd combine the two and do a throwback Christmas post.  This is what the Christmas season looked like when I was in elementary school.  Pictures are from earlier years.

Christmas 1990.  My first.  That's my grandpa holding me on the right.  And my uncle holding my cousin on the left.  One of my favorite Christmas pictures.
Winter 1993.  Grandma pulling me around on a sled in her back yard.  I love this picture because it shows even with my grandma being bundled up and in sweats, she looks freaking fabulous.  Another favorite picture from the Christmas season.
Favorite Christmas song?  Oh Holy Night - The Nsync version.  Obviously.

Favorite gift? A doll house.

Christmas special?  Every year, my dad and I would watch the Andy Williams Christmas special.  His favorite.  And I remember one year Nsync did a Christmas special and all my dreams came true.

Christmas tradition?  When I was really little, we'd get together with my grandparents on Christmas Eve for a nice dinner.  It would be a fancy affair.  We'd eat a lot of shrimp, and then rest up for Midnight Mass.

Favorite Christmas outfit?  Oh the 90s.  I had a black, red, and white plaid sweater dress that I wore over a white turtleneck - very 90s.  But I loved it.

Christmas wish?  That we'd have a huge snowstorm during Christmas break and our break from school would be extended by snow days!

Christmas morning tradition?  Get up, open presents, and head to Grandma's.  We'd feast over bagels and cream cheese, muffins, and all things delicious while we waited for all the family to arrive. Then, we'd get to open stockings, which was personally my favorite.

Christmas movie?  The Santa Clause!

Christmas treat?  I have to be honest...the Little Debbie Christmas cakes.  *enter embarrassed emoji*

Open Christmas gifts on Christmas Eve or Christmas morning?  We always waited until Christmas morning.  Although, as we're starting our family I like the idea of opening a gift or two on Christmas Eve.

Describe Christmas break.  I was with the bffs for days straight.  And it was the best thing.  We'd just play.  Outside, inside.  We'd go sledding, watch movies, play board games.  And pray for a snowstorm.

Embarrassing Christmas story?  My parents, aunts, uncles, and cousins would pay Santa a visit every year.  It was the type of event where the parents bought the gifts for their kids and when the kids were called to see Santa he would give us the gifts that were purchased for us.  I remember I opened my gift which was a huge box.  And I got excited.  But I opened it, and it was a Quaker Instant Oatmeal box.  I remember almost crying thinking why would I get oatmeal for Christmas.  While my cousin opened his super cool present next to me, my uncle tried to get me to open the box.  Turns out it was stuffed with a crochet kit.  And not instant oatmeal.

 14 days 'til Christmas!


  1. Men in red Christmas sweaters, holding babies. It doesn't get much sweeter!!


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