A week in Washington

Happy Cyber Monday!

I celebrated by buying a Shark steamer...in stores.  Oops.

Our week in Washington was a whirlwind.  Friday came and we could hardly believe the week went by as quickly as it did.  

That's the thing about vacation.  It arrives slowly and goes by quickly. 

We spent the week catching up with family and playing with our nephews.  We did a little Black Friday shopping (which was hugely successful) and attempted to explore downtown Portland (but the weather didn't cooperate).  We cooked, we gave thanks, we feasted.

It was everything a Thanksgiving break should be. 

As for today, it's back to business.  Steaming floors, doing laundry, paying bills.   We're recuperating from the near 30 hour drive it took to get home and buying chicken noodle soup and tissue to fend off the typical post-vacay colds.

What is it about getting home from vacation that makes you want to clean out the bathroom cupboards, buy new candles, and make a fresh start in meal planning?

Whatever it is, that's what you'll find me doing today.  Steaming floors and whatnot.  Then we're getting down to the most important business of the day...Christmas decorating!

Aside from that steamer, I also bought pinecones that smell like heavenly Christmas bliss. 

Happy Monday!


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