Toddlers at the zoo

There are fewer things in this world that are cuter than three cousins walking around the zoo holding hands.  Truly.  And I was lucky enough to witness that sight for a good portion of our Friday.

Yesterday we went to the zoo.  The last time we went to the zoo was in August.  Ella was a little over a year old.  She was kinda into it, but not that much.  She couldn't yet fully comprehend the zoo and all its glory.  But now she's almost 2.  And she gets it.  We're big into learning animals and the noises they make so it was fun to point out the different animals at the various exhibits and say, remember the duckies?  They say quack quack.  We saw the fish and the giraffes and the elephants and the polar bears.  Ella road on a carousel and enjoyed her little two-year-old self.

I think this was in large part due to her cousin.  Ella's still pretty little in comparison to her cousins. As older little dudes, exploring, discovering, and running around are of course at the top of their minds.  But Ella's older cousin, Aidyn took her hand and showed her the ropes of the zoo.  This is when Ella lit up and got into it and it was the sweetest thing to watch.


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