From the weekend

This weekend was our first-week-back-post-vacation weekend meaning we dealt with throat infections and a chaotic shopping list.  Both days included a two hour gap in the middle of the day when the whole house was fast asleep and one of those days included children not getting out of their pajamas.  But I made double chocolate brownies and the latest season of House of Cards came out, so all in all it was a weekend to smile about.  And in the best news, Archer all of sudden decided he is going to start sleeping through the night, like all the way through the night, like for 12 hours.  Prior, he'd wake up once or twice, but he's now decided that around 8:30 is his bedtime, falls asleep and doesn't wake up until about 7:30 the next day.  And for this, we wake up smiling every morning.

Especially Mondays.


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