From the weekend

We kicked off the weekend by getting outside.  We finally got a break from the rain and decided to make the most of it.  Headed to downtown Vancouver, we grabbed some coffee,  walked around, and ran into an unexpected Farmer's Market (major score!).

We carried on our day outside with some family time spent at the dog park.  Ella was in dog heaven and loved chasing around her cousins.  (Isn't this picture the absolute cutest?)

Closed out our Saturday with some homemade pizza.  Even the sauce was homemade (what).  Hit the spot after a spending the day outdoors.

We opened up Sunday with some snuggles!  Ella is always making sure little A is cozy comfy.

The last day of Winter ended up being much nicer than the first day of Spring, so we spent a good chunk of the day at home.  I closed out the weekend in the kitchen.  I made chicken cordon bleu from scratch.  And it was goood.

I hope you had a lovely weekend.  Have a great Monday!


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