A life of the little things

When my writing tank drops to E, I search for another direction to go, another topic to write about, another family outing or recipe or outfit to highlight.  But often times I find myself unsure of where to go next.  Our budget, catered to paying off student loans, doesn't allow for frequently updated wardrobes and the latest on trend Spring piece.  We've barely been married for three years, we have 2 kids, and we are faced with all the realities that come with being a post-grad in the year 2016.

Sometimes I ponder writing about that very thing -- what life for a young family looks like when burdened by college debt.  But that's pretty grim and finances are pretty personal, so alas I've stuck to writing what I know, about current life, motherhood, little ones and family.  And all of that culminates into consistently writing about the little things -- the day spent outside after the sun decided to shine, the afternoon spent at the dog park with family, the dinners I've experimented with, the workouts I'm doing, the moments that make me proud to be a mom and the moments that have been challenging.

I'd say life sums up to it being all about the little things.  Despite our bank accounts and current situations, everyone can agree a laugh shared with a best friend or the sun beating on our faces make us feel alive in a way no dollar can.  But little things aren't sexy, they're not shiny and glamorous, they're small and bashful, under-appreciated, and often unnoticed.  Maintaining a blog about little, old every day life can start to feel a little repetitive and a little directionless.  

But that's where we are.  Life is a little repetitive at the moment.  The working, the parenting, the cooking and cleaning, the writing, and in between it all trying to manage outings as a family.  And while we certainly have goals and a vision, there is undoubtedly an element of uncertainty as to what our direction is.

I write all of this to say thanks.  Thanks for stopping by and enjoying little, old everyday life with me. It sure might be little and repetitive but it's beautiful and I need to learn to better cherish every moment.  I have high hopes and dreams for this blog - outfits I'd love to style, outings, vacations, and date nights, I'd love to highlight, but for now it's all about the early years, the years full of getting by as newlyweds.  And that's okay.  It's a part of our story.  A story I'm proud to share and thankful you read.

So thank you.


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