From our Easter Weekend

Christmas, 4th of July, Thanksgiving.  These are my favorite holidays, but the Easter Triduum is my favorite celebration.  It's rich in reverence and steeped in tradition.  And a good portion of the three days is spent carrying out ritual and heading to church for prayerful reflection.

Our Easter weekend, of course, began on Holy Thursday, my favorite Mass and night of the year.  The procession following the mass that, without fail, brings me to annual tears was even more moving this year with our little Ella processing and kneeling alongside of us.  Good Friday came and we observed the hour of Jesus's death by going to the Stations of the Cross.  And then came Easter Sunday.  I love the Mass at sunrise on Easter morning.  There's something so calm and quietly magnificent about going to celebrate Jesus's resurrection as the sun peaks over the mountains, the crisp air making its presence known through the wind, and the birds greeting you with a hello.  We got in our Sunday best and headed to the pews to rejoice.

After, our Easter celebrations with family began.  My in-laws, niece, and nephews came over for an Easter brunch and Easter egg hunt.  We ate our fill of cinnamon swirl bread and watched as our kiddos scattered in attempts to fill their baskets with all the treats.  With the afternoon came food comas and after family left we all rested and I dove into a good book.  The rest of the evening was reserved for playing with Easter gifts, indulging in Easter candy and spending time with each other.

This Easter was one of my favorite holidays we've had together.  It was easy and free of chaos and full of good food, it had the perfect combination of family fun and quiet time.  And you bet the Easter candy, no doubt, sent us into Monday with a holiday hangover.

Happy Easter to you and yours!


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