Our first weeks home

It was two weeks ago that we welcomed our little Archibald (don't worry - it's really Archer) into the world.  What a joy these past days have been.  Having him during Thanksgiving week was a huge blessing.  Tim took the first part of the week off and then we had the long holiday weekend to spend together.  Tim's mom came out for the following week, so I've been a bit spoiled since Archer was born.  She helped with the baby and kept up on the cleaning, which left me to really bond with the little one -- something that was particularly important to me since my time after having Ella was difficult.  Tim and I even managed to squeeze a date night in while Grandma was here to babysit.

The house has been surprisingly quiet.  So quiet that I joked with my mother-in-law that I wasn't expecting it to be this quiet around here.  This guy sleeps a lot.  He eats a lot and he's a snuggler!  Ella has totally warmed up to him.  Where Archer is, Ella is.  She helps to hold the bottle when we feed him, she gives him kisses, runs his pacifier over to him if he starts crying, and insists on throwing away his diapers.

Now Ella.  Ella has become a whole new child since Archer came home.  She's deep in the throws of toddler growth spurts.  She is talking a whole lot more, her personality is showing more and more each day, and those emotional toddler tantrums are alive and well in our household.  She must do everything on her own, even the things she cannot yet do on her own.  She's mimicking nearly everything we do, drawing shapes, and though we've been teaching her she all of sudden one day knew how to do the sign of the cross.  It's been a bit of challenge to balance her growing personality and Archer's needs, but thankfully Archer is an overall calm baby, so we've managed.

I've felt weirdly on top of life.  Having a newborn around, I figured I'd let my thank you notes fall to the wayside or forget to schedule an appointment here or there.  But, no.  All appointments are scheduled and everything I needed to mail is in route.  We'll just pretend I didn't completely forget my address at the UPS store and shared a painfully awkward 2 minutes with the teen clerk who was clearly judging me.  So I haven't been totally on top of it.  I also left my keys in the door for the whole afternoon one day.  Apparently, anyone is welcome when I'm exhausted.

Growing pains, adjustment periods, larger than usual caffeine intake, doesn't matter.  These first couple weeks have been sweet.  And we're so beyond excited to have this new little guy in our lives.

Here are some moments from the last couple weeks:

We loved having Grandma here!

Date night out.  The best. 

Goodnight kisses. 

Trying to conquer some tummy time. 

Snuggling by the tree.  Also the best. 

Cousins chillin'. 

 Sibling love.  I'm already so happy they have each other.

Me babies.


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