Focusing on Faith

Incorporating new traditions into our family life has been something that Tim and I have been thinking and talking about lately.  With Ella getting older and with the holidays upon us, we've been talking tradition a lot.

Something that is important to the both of us is incorporating Catholic traditions into our family life. We'd like to raise our kids with the idea that our Catholic Faith isn't something we just practice one hour a week at church, nor is it something that we check at the door when we leave Sunday Mass.  It's something to be celebrated and lived out daily.

So yesterday, on the Feast of the Immaculate Conception, we made the day just a little more special by baking cupcakes, of course decorated in white and blue, and had a treat after we went to the evening Mass.

Ella understands that a treat is something special, so I figured a late night sweet would be the best way for her to grasp the day was a day to be celebrated.  She was hilariously skeptical of the cupcake. I've never seen a child so reluctantly put cake into her mouth, but it only took one bite before she began to devour it.

These things take effort, an effort that I hope to never waver in.  Yesterday was what I hope to be the first of many efforts to bring the Catholic Faith to life in our home.


  1. My family loved the book, "A Continual Feast". It's a collection of recipes from around the world organized by feast days. We had so much fun baking and cooking random food, some of them became yearly family traditions that we still follow (Cream puffs for St. Joseph!!). And some of them were like, yeah, nobody really likes stuffed cabbage...


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