From the weekend

What a lovely and simple weekend.  It started off on Friday when a friend from Michigan who I hadn't seen in a few years came down from Seattle.  He spent the afternoon over at our place, we chatted, ate pizza, and caught up.  In the evening we headed over to my in-laws for a relaxing Friday evening.  We ate seasonal treats and enjoyed warm cappuccinos.  The little ones played and played - a scene that continues to make my heart happy.  Saturday was errand and chill day.  Sunday was for Mass and family.  Family came over for an afternoon of football and queso.  The games were seriously lacking in entertainment but the good company made the afternoon a joy.

Being out of California, I missed froyo season.  There aren't nearly as many yogurt shops around here, but after a day of errand-running we decided to make a run to the local one and get our fill.

 We were greeted by beautiful Fall colors as we left Sunday morning Mass.

Sunday morning coffee date.  I was just elated I could wear that warm scarf and not sweat through my shirt.  Welcome, cool temps!

We of course closed out the weekend by catching a shot of the blood moon.  My husband snapped this photo.

I'm a little sad to bid farewell to such a perfectly balanced weekend, but October 1st is this week and I have a Skype date with my bffs.  So here's to a great week ahead.


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