First steps

This week was a week of first steps.  (Funny enough, these steps had nothing to do with the little toddler in the house.)

The more adult I become, the more I realize just how easy it is for life to happen to me instead of me making life happen.  As youngn's, we consistently have the future on our minds - how to get into college, how to get a good job, etc., etc., etc.  But when we finally reach adulthood, we may realize we want to make a career change, we may realize we want to stay at home with our kids, we may get fired or quit and not know where to step next, or we may get into a relationship that we realize isn't the best for us but we stay 'cause we're comfortable.  Adulthood brings a thousand and three scenarios that could lead us into a giant rut that we have a hard time navigating.  It becomes easy to put off starting a passion project (due to a lack of time or let's be honest, energy), it becomes easy to set aside goals and it becomes even easier to rely on our comfort zones.

I still haven't tested to get my driver's license here in Washington.  Since I have to take all the testing again, I initially waited due to a budgeting issue, then 'cause of an anxiety issue, and then I just sort of forgot about it.  I also haven't taken any steps to get further established in our new city by joining a group or class in attempts to meet some new people and make some friends.  Neither of these scenarios are dire, but I'd become a better version of my self if I took the steps in achieving these two, little goals.  I've been taking a back seat in letting days pass by without taking control of what I need to do in order to inch toward my best self.

So this week I acknowledged that.  I whipped out that Washington Driver's Manual out of the (very back of the) mail holder and started reading.  I found practice tests and took them.  I found a driver's school to test at, and planned to take my written test.

I also defied all of my what-if-nerves and anxieties and contacted a mom's group, because why not?

I have yet to hit the road nor do I have an abundance of friend circles, but I'm one step closer than I was last week thanks to my recent one-foot-in-front-of-the-other mindset.  The big steps of achieving goals are a big deal, but it's those tiny, often times fumbling first ones that get us there.


  1. The mom's group thing- I feel you. My sister in law gave me some fantastic advice about the option of doing a "walk-by" the first time around. Example: If you find a mom's group that meets, say, Tuesday mornings at the park, since they don't know what you look like yet, you can just do a walk-by the first time and check it out from afar...just a mom taking her kid to play at the park. If they look like a nice enough group, you go say hi. If you have second thoughts, no harm. Just play and be on your way. It makes the whole idea less daunting in my opinion :)

    1. That's great advice. Finding one and getting acquainted is so intimidating - love the idea of scoping it out first. :)


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