From the weekend

Fall has arrived!  Well, sort of.  It rained and has been pretty cool in the mornings and Tim had his first sip of the oh-so-infamous (and a little dreaded) pumpkin spice latte.  So we're basically there. And we took full advantage.  We were out for a good chunk of the weekend prepping for the colder months ahead.  Living in SoCal for the past 6 Falls or so, we needed some good colder weather gear (meaning something a little heavier than light jackets and flip-flops).  Ella got boots, I got maternity tights and started the search for boots myself.

It was a productive, enjoyable, and full of anticipation for the months to come.  I can't wait 'til pumpkin picking, apple picking, and all things Halloween are a part of our schedule.

A little snap from a Barns and Noble trip.  This kid was in book and stuffed animal heaven ,  This is her I-kissed-the-stuffed-animal-now-it's-your-turn-to-give-him-a-kiss face.

A cozy evening in called for some breakfast for dinner.  My favorite pancake recipe was on the menu.  These are my favorite (GF) pancakes ever.

Ready to shop, guys!  (But not really, I just want to push the stroller.)

Pre-dinner trip to the park!

Closed out the perfect Labor Day Weekend with an easy pasta dish - spaghetti carbonara,  Mmmm.


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