30 week update

Well, I've reached the point where I have to sit down to put my shoes on, I gotta do this pivot-and-hoist move to get out of the car, and I only want to wear leggings.  This is also the point where I feel this little one moving almost constantly, which has been fun and a little tiring.

Little dude is the size of a cucumber (a very weird vegetable choice to compare his size). He has some strong limbs and likes to move while I'm up and moving (a big difference from Ella). The 30 week mark tends to bring some reactions and comments from people that leave you a little...uncertain.  This week I was told by a complete stranger that I need to keep having babies, which I suppose is nice sentiment.  But when you're feeling quite large and only had 9 months or so between pregnancies, it's basically the last thing you want to hear.

I'm getting really excited to see how he and Ella will interact with each other.  I knew I wanted to have my first two kids close in age, but when I initially found out I was pregnant with my little guy I couldn't help but feel the it's-too-soon thing.  As these months have passed though and I've gotten more pregnant, Ella's grown so much that I can't wait for her to have a little brother to play with!  I'm also excited to get some good sleep.  Getting good sleep is becoming harder to come by as the weeks go on.  I remember when I had Ella, everyone told me I wouldn't get good sleep for months.  But it turned out, I got better sleep with a newborn than I did the last few months of pregnancy.  Let's hope our little guy takes after his big sister!

As for cravings and aversions and all that?  I'm basically following a food pyramid consisting of Cherry Coke, M&Ms, and Oreos.  I should really get a FitBit.


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