The moving feels

Our moving truck arrives in one week from today.  We have many a box packed and our townhome is waiting for us to move-in.

As our moving date gets closer and closer though, I can't shake this feeling of sadness.  Sad to be leaving our California friends and sad we're not moving any closer to our Michigan loved ones.

Yesterday I had a Skype date with my two best friends and their parents.  Earlier in the week I talked with someone who is like a little brother to me and is now graduating high school.  Later, I talked with his mom who is responsible for some of the most gut-breaking laughs I've ever had.  They're all my family.

These people, that city, are so much a part of me that I sometimes don't feel like myself being away.

I recently watched a good friend's favorites video and in her lessons learned she shared something her mom told her about missing loved ones: be thankful you have them to say goodbye to.

This one-liner has helped me a great deal in recent weeks.  Sure, it hurts to think I haven't been back to my first love of a hometown in nearly two years and some of the people I love most are thousands of miles away, but I know they're there, they will be there when I go back, and I'm ever-grateful I have so many beloved people to say goodbye to.


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