Saying goodbye

Ah...this weekend.

We packed and ate out.  We're at that stage of packing.  The stage where you need to live out of your apartment for a week but have it mostly packed.  We went to Target three times and tripped over boxes, appliances, and bubble wrap.  So it was nice to escape the chaos and spend the afternoon with two of our good friends.  We brunched and strolled along the beach.  

This afternoon out prompted a conversation between my husband and me on the way home about the past six years in California.  As much of a goal it was of ours, it's weird to leave this place.  Since we have been so far away from family, I've really cherished our California friends as they've really been there for us during some crazy parts of our lives - getting married, moving apartments, visiting us in the hospital when Ella was born.

We started our adult lives here, it's where we've (so far) experienced the most change, and it hit me in a rather hard way on the way home on Sunday that our beloved college friends will no longer be a short drive away.

But thank God for planes and trains and all that.  We'll be back.

Here are some scenes from our weekend.

Errands made entertaining by Miss Ella James.

Had to make a final stop before we moved!

If I had a selfie stick, my and Tim's chin could have made it in the shot.  (Note for next time.)


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