San Diego to Washington

Well, we made it.  All in one piece, all happy to be here.

If I'm being honest, though, I'm exhausted, pregnant, and less-than-excited about having to take the driver's test for my WA license.  Yes, the move went smoothly.  Yes, I'm thankful it did so.  But, I'm currently mentally maxed out.  I've sat down at my computer a few times in attempts to document the move, but my brain is just not letting my go there.  So, in an effort to stay dedicated, here are some scenes from our move and the first couple days of life in Washington.

I'll be back on Friday.  When our furniture has arrived.  And hopefully I'll be able to report I successfully parallel parked for the first time since I was 16 (the last time I took the driver's test). Wish me luck?

Enjoy your week.

Ran into some gloomy weather driving through LA.

Sunrise in Oregon.

Cousins playing.


  1. Cannot wait for Odin and Arik to meet Ella! Cousins ARE the best!


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