Welcome, 2016

This Christmas break was a seriously good one.  Tim had the week after Christmas off which was a huge blessing - one we made the most of and did not take for granted.  Our holiday festivities have had a fairly strict budget, so we didn't go crazy with staycation activities like day trips and shopping and many meals eaten out.  We had a few cozy evenings in over some hot chocolate and episodes of The Office.  We were productive in that our entire place was cleaned head to toe, we talked over resolutions and financial goals.  We celebrated a snowfall by making homemade crepes.  I broke out my shiny, new, white planner which is basically all that's needed to make this woman happy. Summed up, this may sound like 8 days of sheer boring-ness, but it wasn't in the least.  I'm was sad to see this break come to an end.

The best part was we took in life with our growing family.  Holidays have a different feel with 2 little ones and not just in the experiencing-Christmas-through-their-eyes sort of way.  It's a bit more chaotic and a little louder.  Our nights often look something like one of us running around the kitchen with Ella while the other is getting dinner ready, Archer making himself heard in the background. And while on some nights that loudness drove me crazy, on others I stepped back and took it in.

Happy first week of 2016 to you!


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