Postpartum curves and ten dollar watches

At the end of my pregnancy I was up 30 pounds.  And I'm currently down 15.  In other words, I'm deep in the throws of trying to find anything in my closet that will fit while hunting for inexpensive clothes as the baby weight slowly says goodbye.

This interim period can be a challenge.  That larger number on the scale has a way of immediately crushing some self-esteem, so after weeks (literally) of trying to find a pair of pants that fit alright I treated myself to this watch from none other than Target in order to spice up my wardrobe.  It was all of 10 bucks and I'm pretty sure it was marked "mens", but I love it.  One day I'll own the ever-so-dreamy Michael Kors watch or dearer to my heart, the Shinola watch or the Fossil watch, but this baby is my current bff, and it's taken a bit of edge off when going into fitting rooms.

I scored these ripped jeans from Kohl's for a whopping 14 dollars.  They're killer.  I love them, only because I feel pretty bad ass in them.  And they kicked my stretchy maternity jeggings out of my closet.


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