From the weekend

Silver dollar stack - an essential to having a good weekend.

I got a lesson from the kitchen table this weekend.

Saturday was a day.  I'm not even sure why.  It was probably just the normal crazy that is family life, maybe the extreme lack of sunshine is finally getting to me -- who knows.  But I was in a funk - the kind that's spurred on by a burn from a straightener, spilled coffee, and toddler tears shed over the "wrong" pair of socks.

We got around to lunch around 3 - gluten-free instant mac 'n cheese.  Yes, it was the "screw it" kind of lunch, but it was fast and easy and provided enough that Ella and I could split and get a bite.  I was moving quickly trying to satisfy my hungry girl and naturally burned myself as one does when getting flustered and impatient.

Bowls were served, drinks were placed, and I began devouring.  I mean a 3 o'clock lunch, right?  Ella took a bite and then put her fork down and folded her hands - of course the universal sign that it's time to say grace.  I was taken back as (admittedly) saying grace did not even occur to me in the moment.  I was at a point of simply going through the motions to get through the day.

I thanked her for reminding me and we paused and said our prayer and had the sweetest lunch - just us. Tim was doing some work.  We talked toddler chat and had extra big cookies after our bowls were cleared.

Yeah, sometimes she throws a fit over putting her socks on or takes all of her brother's clothes out of the drawers, but then sometimes she's the one teaching me the lessons.  And on Saturday, somehow she knew it was just the lesson I needed - to slow the hell down, pause for a moment, and remember what matters.


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