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About 5 weeks ago, I decided I was going to become dedicated to fitness.  I've got the whole clean eating thing down pretty (keyword: pretty) well, and I don't consume a whole lot of sugar, so I decided to focus on and dive into challenging my body.  I do this 3+ times a week with either yoga or cardio.  And I've been loving it.  Around January 3rd, I started to see all these ads for new and shiny and cute workout gear. New gear new you! sort of slogans accompanied the insta pictures or ads and it quickly got me thinking.

We often take all these little steps to start working toward whatever we want to work toward.  For fitness that might be buying cute sports bras or buying that new pair of Nikes we've been eyeing or joining a gym or getting a trainer.  Or for blogging that might mean making sure our layout is pristine and perfectly programmed and laid out.  If we don't have the means to take these little steps, we can become discouraged from ever working toward our goal because it's not as fun to workout in the old tennys as it is to in the shiny new pair or it's not as satisfying to see a post on a simpler layout as opposed to on the prettiest one.  We become consumed by the "when I get..." or "when I do..." mentality.  As great as these steps can be, it's the dedication and perseverance that will ultimately see us through to our finish line.

One of my favorite stories is one I read recently in Michael Strahan's Wake Up Happy.  If you're not familiar with Strahan, he's an ex-athlete who had a notable and long pro-football career with the NY Giants and was recently inducted into the NFL Hall of Fame.  He writes about when he was younger his brothers and brothers' friends would call him "Bob" which he later learned stood for booty on back.  He was a bit of a chubby 13-year-old and had a hard time keeping up with the boys.  So he decided to dedicate himself to transforming his body and got a Jane Fonda workout tape and did the routine every day after school.  And, clearly he went on to turning his body into that of steel.

This is what has served as my inspiration.  The raw, just-get-to-it sort of mindset.  Yeah, as I go on I'll probably treat myself to some new workout gear and I'd love to one day get a trainer, but that current void shouldn't prevent us from taking the first step.  Grab your computer, go to YouTube and get to it.


  1. What youtube videos do you use for your workouts?

    1. I love the BeFit and Fitness Blender channels on YouTube.


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