From the weekend

This felt like the weekend that kept on giving.  Between the rain, driving, doing some projects around the house, a family trip to a pumpkin patch and my husband's 26th birthday, this weekend was wonderfully busy.

Let's talk driving.  I've driven once by myself in the past year.  In a turn of events, I learned that I did not need to take all the testing again after all (long story).  So I renewed and promptly put myself in the mindset of "I'm going to do this."  I drove to Target, of course.  I nearly wept at the amount of freedom I felt.  The weight that's been on my shoulders for nearly a year and a half lifted a little and there's simply no feeling like that.

Sunday?  A family outing to the pumpkin patch and my husband's birthday!  We headed out to Lakeview Farms in the morning ready to pick the best pumpkins.  We got there, road a boat, road a train, picked a couple pumpkins, and watched Ella experience haystacks and fog and all things October.  It was wonderful.  So wonderful that we came home and napped for the rest of the day until it was time for Mass.  After a dinner outing, we came home and indulged in my husband's birthday dessert of choice - homemade apple crisps.

We have some (wonderfully) busy days ahead.  We're still in project mode around here - moving things around, redecorating, figuring out how to best organize our little guy's things.  We're expecting a visit from our close friends, (a of couple of newlyweds!) which we're so excited about.  And another doctor appointment is on the itinerary (almost there!  Kinda).

Rain, rain, rain.

Goal achieved.  #fightanxiety

Movie night!  Finally saw Selma.

Rainy day bump style.

Oregon fog.

Let the festivities begin!


Yeah...I never turn down some homey caramel corn.

Washington the beautiful.


  1. These pictures look like home and it makes me so happy and homesick!!!!

    <3 PNW

    1. :) You have a beautiful home state! We're loving every minute here.


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