From the weekend

I don't know how many times I've said "that tree is so pretty!" in the past 72 hours.  Fall here in Washington is in full blossom, and I apparently can't handle it.  Before I took too many pictures of coffee cups, now I take too many pictures of leaves and trees.  Sorry, Instagram followers.  I remember why people get so worked up over cozy sweaters and everything pumpkin spice, this season is a true gem.

One of the many tree pictures I'm referring to.

Impromptu mamma/daughter photoshoot in a parking lot.  That morning, Ella picked out a bow and put it on with her outfit.  So I of course thought it was something worth documenting.  (No, this post is not brought to you by Dress Barn or Jamba Juice.)

Leftovers for dinner is a pregnant lady's dream.

Chinese takeout.  Another reality a pregnant woman dreams about.  We stumbled upon this excellent Chinese place right down the road from us.  Both awesome and dangerous.  


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