From around the house

I feel my best when I feel good in my space -- when my home is clean, when pictures are on walls, when candles are nicely placed and lit, when my place is filled out with furniture and accent rugs.  But getting married just out of college, starting out from scratch and needing to be crafty with our budgeting and with having bigger priorities like saving for a baby or a move or paying down debt, we haven't always been able to afford the accent chair or floating shelves or coffee table that'd we'd like. No, in the grand scheme of life, these little things don't matter.  But they help to make a space feel complete, cozy, and homey which in turn makes me feel good.  Slowly, we're building our new space into the home we as a family feel comfy and content in.  It's a relief to finally be out of the perpetual apartment hunting mindset. During this process of getting settled, I've at times grown impatient, but I've also been reminded of what really makes a house a home.  So in a recent effort to take in this process with a little more gratitude, I went around our cozy, little space and captured a few of my favorite things.

Peaceful lighting shining bright.

A fall centerpiece that makes our home smell like the season.

New candles, a sweet housewarming present.

A random bookend we picked up at Homegoods next to a picture of a few of the ladies I miss most.

A stack of warm chocolate chip cookies piled high.


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