A week of highs and lows

The only thing that seems to have brought her true happiness this week: her slide.  
The toddler emotions have been a bit haywire over the past 5 days, which can mean one thing: growth spurt.  On Monday, we had a morning out taking care of pregnancy business - doctor apps, pre-registering at the hospital, etc. - and this kid was a breeze!  She quietly sat on Dad's lap when she needed to, waved to receptionists, and followed us when told to do so.  The next day?  I swore more tears flowed on that day than during her first few weeks of life.  This has been the rhythm of our week.  According to the pattern, we've got our work cut out for us today.  I'm ready to deal with meltdowns over socks.  I'm learning patience as I'm sure growing baby molars can't be a walk in the park.  We're currently taking the smiles as they come, giving extra hugs, and having a few more dance parties.


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