Wish list

As the seasonal sales start to pop up this year, I'm going to keep a look out for a few things.  I thought I'd share my list!

This Tarte Amazonian Clay Foundation is at the top of my list.  My skin hasn't quite been the same since having my little girl.  Between the weird hormones and my body balancing out, I've been having breakouts that have reminded me of those horrid middle school and high school years.  In recent years, I've mostly stuck to drugstore foundations because they've treated me well.  But lately? Not so much.  I've only heard good amazing things about the Tarte brand and this foundation.  The normal price is a bit steep, so I'm keeping my eyes peeled for a good sale!  (Moms:  any recommendations on postpartum skincare?)

If I get one thing off this list, it will probably be this Elizabeth & James Nirvana White Perfume.  If Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen's line was in my budget, I'm pretty sure I'd be guilty of splurging a little too often.  I love their personal style and their line.  I've only bought one perfume in my lifetime. And that was for my wedding day.  I've read many good things about this scent, and it sounds like it's right up my alley.  Now, time to go to Sephora and actually smell it before I buy it.

People have varying opinions on tattoos.  Personally, I like 'em.  And I think there is a way to do it so you don't look back in 50 years and think what did I do?  I've always liked the idea of a small something on the inside of my wrist or ring finger.  That being said, I don't have any, and it's an idea I've only entertained.  Enter flash tattoos.  Chic and temporary.  I'm all about 'em.

Plum lipstick.  I love a good lip color.  I usually stick with pinks and reds, but I love the idea of a deep purple.  This one is from Nars.  I have no idea if it will look good with my skin tone.  But I'll ask the nice ladies in Ulta.

I've been wanting to try this GlamGlow mask for months.  But it's so expensive!  I won't buy this unless I come across some insane Black Friday sale.  But if I do, I can assure you I'll be treating myself to an evening of Scandal, a glass of red, and a deep-cleaning facial mask. Promise.

I have been a loyal customer of the Target boots for a good 8 years.  But I checked out their boots selection this year, and I was disappointed.  I'm currently bootless hunting for the perfect pair that are chic, durable, and will be kind to my wallet.  I'm loving these boots from Chinese Laundry (especially Bordeaux on the far right).

Of course, this list is a wish list (emphasis on "wish").  But these are the things that I've come across in recent months that I'd love to try out.


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