Thursday, October 16, 2014

Best friends and long distance

My best friends (who are more like sisters) live 3,000 miles away.  We grew up next door to each other and rarely spent more than a week a part.  Since graduating college, getting married, and temporarily settling in California we're lucky if we see each other twice a year.

Over the months spent a part, we've sent each other little surprises in the mail to the let the other know they haven't been forgotten.

Yesterday I got this in the mail.  It was a simple card with a little message.  But it came among a slew of medical bills and test results, so the timing couldn't have been better.

Relationships of any kind take work, kindness, and thoughtfulness.  If you have a good friend miles away, send them a little something to let them know you're thinking of them.  It will undoubtedly make their day.

And all it takes is a stamp.

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