Enjoy where your feet are planted

I recently heard this on a YouTube video.

Enjoy where your feet are planted.

And it got me thinking.

As someone in my 20s, I sometimes find this difficult.  We're always working toward something. And sometimes we can get so caught up in working toward said something that we forget to enjoy wherever we are at that time.

I heard this right around the time we were actively trying to relocate to Michigan.  I was doing all the work it takes to pick up your family and move to another state - applying for jobs, pricing U-Hauls, etc. But with this work came a distaste for our current situation.  I became anxious and always felt unsettled as it seemed we were in a temporary situation.  We decided to hold off on buying anything like picture frames or a new lamp because "we're going to move anyway."  And quickly, we noticed as a couple and as a family we started to feel quite worn.

In realizing that moving across the country can be a long, arduous process, we made a decision as a couple that we were going to embrace our current situation, count our blessings, and branch out. Trying new places to eat, exploring different parts of the city, and reaching out to friends that we maybe don't see as often as we'd like became a priority and pricing U-Hauls was set on the back burner.  

Sure, we'll continue to move forward in working toward reaching our goals, but we'll do so at a more realistic pace.  In the meantime, we'll pause and simply be thankful and enjoy where we are now.


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