Zombie status and other thoughts on the week before Christmas.


Anyone else feel like a zombie drudging through the last week before Christmas? The other day, I thought how did we do this last year while we were both working and living in a basement? Maybe I need even more Vitamin D or something. But earlier this week, I found myself circling Target in my post-physical-therapy state forgetting what I was looking for. I finally came to, picked up the last of what I needed, stood in the lines that scream “it must be the week before Christmas”, and raced home to eat apple pie in bed. 

It’s a blessing and a curse, to have so much to do around the holiday season. It wasn’t long ago at all when Tim and I longed to be among family for the holidays, so I made a promise to myself I would never complain about being “busy”, but whoah, this momma is tired! I keep thinking of the kids’ faces on Christmas morning, and I’m using that as my motivation to get to December 26th. 

I don’t know how some moms do it—countless planned activities, cleaned houses, treats made, presents ready to go, parties attended and/or hosted. And I’m over here eating apple pie in bed. 

Alas, everyone will have their presents and cards by Christmas (even if I have to pay exorbitant shipping fees). We’ll have our frittata and homemade cinnamon rolls on Christmas morning, our 2am glass of egg nog after Midnight mass. All in time to ring in 2018 with a bottle of champagne for 2. (Oh yeah, we ain’t doin’ nothing on New Years Eve except watching the Lions slam the Packers.)  


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