A dreamy snow day

Yesterday was one of my favorite days I've had with my family. Ever. There had been a winter weather advisory in place, so we were expecting inches upon inches of snow (YAY), and I wanted to give the kids (and myself) a perfect snow day. I think I succeeded. We baked cinnamon rolls from scratch, my first go at making gluten-free cinnamon rolls. We ate cinnamon rolls. We watched movies. We played in the snow. We drank hot chocolate. The day was nothing short of total perfection. 

Snow, to me, is magic. It's peaceful. Snow forces the world to slow down, and while that is beyond aggravating to most, I find it entirely soothing. It's during or just after a great snowfall that my chronically anxious mind is at peace. A snow fall is one of the rare times when nature works in my favor, and I cling to every moment. 

Ella is currently by the door trying to get in her snow pants, so it's looking like we're preparing for Snow Day Round 2.

Here's a little recap of Round 1.

Working to make the best little bakers.

Smile! We can't! The snow is too strong.


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