Chaos and Clorox wipes

Earlier this week, the kids were watching a movie. It was the late afternoon, and the 3 pm caffeine crash was hitting hard. Archie was a couple blinks away from falling asleep, so I went into my room for a couple minutes of quiet. Shortly after, Ella followed. Before she had a chance to say anything I said, "Momma's just a little tired, I'm coming right back out." She responds, "you can come rest next to Archie on the couch. Come on. Follow me." She lead me to the couch and said, "here you can have my spot" and went to the coffee table.

My girl.
It's been a long week around here—managing the meal plans, diffusing fights, cleaning up spilled hot chocolate, discussing plans for 2018. Every time the kids ate, the kitchen looked like the whole thing needed to be cloroxed. Again. That's okay. Ella, though she has her own growing pains, never fails to look out for her momma.

The chaos, the endless supply of Clorox wipes, it's all worth it. Even though my oldest is almost 4, I'm only now feeling like I'm beginning to find myself as a stay-at-home mom. And I'm thankful to be spending this time with my kids. They're pretty great. (Even if my 2-year-old insists on throwing the Christmas ornaments at me.)

Batgirl is protective of her muffin. 
We had a hot chocolate and muffin 'tea party'. 


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