From the weekend—Progress & Perfection

I'm a big believer in things happening for a reason—we face trials or undergo certain circumstances
to teach us a lesson (or 5). While these past couple months have been entirely inconvenient and expensive and painful, I'm grateful for the opportunity to appreciate outings with my family through a new lens. It's amazing how much effort it took just to go to the doctors while I was still in a brace and on crutches, so to be able to walk through a downtown area holding my kids' hands felt freeing.

This weekend was the best my knee has felt since before my injury, so having a full weekend of plans was especially exciting. A family date night on Friday followed by a full Saturday of visiting with a couple loved ones and having friends over for a game night. Church, football, and an evening at the zoo on Sunday.

This Sunday was the first Sunday of Advent, so while I've begun to be tempted to go, go, go, I ended my weekend in silence over a spiritual read and in thankful prayer. The arrival of Advent is the perfect reminder to not rush through this season just because I can, but to force myself to be still in prayer and gratitude. 

She's quite the decorator!
A boy and his cookie. There is no greater love.
He was so content on my lap for minutes and minutes...until the camera came out. We snapped a picture anyway!

This is what trying to get a family picture really looks like.
Zoo lights delivered!


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